Our Goals

TALIA inter-connects the innovation clusters developed within thematic modular projects to create a transnational meta-cluster of creativity and social innovation in the Mediterranean.

Intention of the Social & Creative community is to improve the concept of transnational cooperation in MED area, targeting community building as the essence of cooperation. Under “surveillance” of TALIA are six Creative and Social Innovation projects, each having own focus and dynamics, but with certain overlapping issues, cross-cutting commonalities and other similarities, which are recognized as thematic points for collaboration and joint actions in MED area and beyond.

The Social & Creative community is working to promote trans-local innovation clusters for creative and social innovation by providing instruments that allow trans-national MED modular projects to connect with local innovation communities, starting from the regions of participating partners.

Thus, its operative objectives are:

  • to engage and support modular projects in creativity and social innovation
  • to communicate a common message for creativity and social innovation in the MED space
  • to attain policy impact by scaling up and out project results.