Social&Creative Yearbooks

Documents collecting and articulating the status and results of capitalization at the different modular project stages.


This publication appears on the eve of the "MADE in MED" event in Rome, which will gather for the first time all the runnig projects of the Interreg MED programme 2014-2020, including those beloging to the Social&Creative Community, who fall under the spotlight of the TALIA horizontal action.



The MED Programme’s Social&Creative Community is well under way, with 9 Modular Projects from two Calls currently on-going and 2 projects completed. This publication picks up on the first edition of  the Yearbook, whose aim is to provide a useful tool for Modular and Horizontal Projects, offering a synthetic overview of results over the last eight months. 



This is the third and last version of the document presenting the results achieved by the 11 Modular Projects in the Social&Creative Community. This document is situated in the Capitalisation phase and it mainly aims to present the online Toolkit developed for promoting the tools developed by all the Modular Projects.