Innovation is playing an increasing role across European policies at all levels.

A broader concept of innovation is also taking shape, which blends technological and industrial advances with new societal dynamics, institutional procedures, service models, and organisational forms. The social dimension of innovation merges with the others, enabling to attain more ambitious transformational goals. In parallel, the link between innovation and creativity is being reinforced, which promotes creative industries as a complementary force for regional and local development.

The time has come to put these new policies into practice, bearing in mind that this broader concept of innovation seems particularly apt to represent the original traits of the Mediterranean spirit and culture.

That is why Social & Creative community is building up focusing on two main pillars  - cultural and creative industries and social innovation – and declining them through the following themes.

Theme developed by the modular project ChIMERA, that aims at improving innovation capacities of the cultural and creative industry through strengthened transnational cooperation and connections among companies, research bodies, public

Central theme in the openDOORS, that intends to demonstrate how the Sharing Economy can be a driver of economic, territorial, and social growth and to build a Mediterranean network based on existing innovative and creative communities.

Central theme in the modular project CO-CREATE, that aims at supporting cross-fertilization processes between creative industries and traditional clusters contributing to test co-design and creative methods applied to entrepreneurs and clusters managers.

Theme developed by the modular project ProminentMED, focused on the use of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) procedures in order to stimulate the development of innovative technology systems and solutions in the field of energy efficiency and their market uptake.

Theme developed by the modular project CreativeWear, whose objective is to revitalize the Textile & Clothing sector through a new attention to creativity, personalised design, and artisan and small-scale production for territorially specific value chains in customer-driven business models.

Central theme in the modular project COWORKMED, which develops a new model of entrepreneurship and social innovation by favouring cooperation and operational bridging between public actors, universities, training centres and "mainstream" clusters together with civil society.