A three-monthly series of Policy Briefs on issues that emerge bottom-up from TALIA interaction with C&SI Community MPs.

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    Social & Creative


    • Cultural heritage and arts
    • Governance, partnership
    • Health and social services
    • Clustering and economic cooperation
    • Evaluation systems and results
    • Innovation capacity and awareness-raising
    • Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks
    • SME and entrepreneurship
    • Green Deal

    Target Audience

    • Local public authority
    • Regional public authority
    • National public authority
    • Infrastructure and (public) service provider
    • Interest groups including NGOs
    • Higher education and research
    • Education/training centre and school
    • Enterprise, except SME
    • SME
    • Business support organisation
    • International Organisation, EEIG
    • General public
    • Other
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